Book Club

The St. Demetrios Book Club is a group of parishioners who meet once a month to discuss the current book and how it relates to their faith and spiritual life. We take turns hosting our meetings in our homes, usually on either a Friday or Saturday evening. Anyone is welcome to attend, regardless of whether they are current on the reading - and we encourage everyone to come, both for the fellowship and for the discussion.

Our next meeting is set for September 8th, 2018.

Currently, our book club is reading through "Churchianity vs Christianity," by Metropolitan Anthony Bloom. Metropolitan Anthony is better known as the other of the ever-popular and extraordinarily helpful book on prayer, "Beginning to Pray." In these nine talks, Metropolitan Anthony challenges us to move beyond mere “churchianity” to a true and living faith. He helps us to find our lofty calling in the familiar words of the creed, and he points to a path forward, both for individual believers and for our communities.

You can purchase "Churchianity vs Christianity" from the publisher, St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, on their website.

You can also purchase it on Amazon, both as a paperback or digitally for the Kindle.

If you would like to join the Book Club or attend our meetings, please contact the Church Office ( and we will add you to our email list, and let you know where the next meeting will be.